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Prepare your garden this winter ….

When your garden is winding down for its winter rest there are still chores to do and ways to make the bleaker seasons more attractive.

Hozelock helps ease the stress this summer

You’re off on your summer holidays, but will the garden cope without you?

Every year you experience the same problem; the garden reaches its peak with borders bursting to bloom, patio plants beginning their dazzling displays and fruits swelling in the vegetable garden – and then you go on holiday for two weeks…!

Just when you thought growbag growing couldn’t get easier!

Every gardener wants to make the most of the available soil space they have, but gardening has always been a mixture of greed and indigestion. Greed because you want to grow every wonderful plant you see, and indigestion because you know you really have nowhere to put them!


“Pick tomatoes growing in grow-bags as soon as they ripen, especially from those plants producing cherry-sized fruits. At this time of the year tomato skins on small fruits can split easily, especially if the compost switches from wet to dry on a regular basis.

Grow Your Own Blog

There’s nothing quite like it … Fresh fruit and vegetables picked straight from the garden have a flavour second to none! Growing your own, from your own home allows you to pick from the plot to the plate in a matter of minutes.

Longing for spring

Gardeners are such optimists… and we need to be, given the brutal weather that is forcing us to hold back on spring activities in the garden. It is just too cold to be planting, unless you have a heated greenhouse.

Mother’s Day Planters

Everywhere you go this week and into the weekend you will see signs telling you to buy plants for Mother’s Day. Markets, supermarkets, garden centres and farmer’s markets – they are all displaying wonderful pots of spring bulbs and bunches of fabulous flowers for Mother’s Day gifts.

The Garden & Home Press Event

I am getting ready to go to the Barbican on Valentine’s Day to spend the day ‘loving gardening’. Will there be red roses and fizz, I wonder?

A few more presents under the tree

If I were writing a letter to a jolly green and yellow gardening Santa this Christmas I would want a few pieces of kit, as well as some garden features that would make my gardening life more attractive and varied. I do have a pond, but it is a tiny apology for a pond. I would like it to be larger and to have wonderful plants in it, such as waterlilies.

Amaryllis, hot presents, Knee Pads

Childhood memories of my mother’s collection of amaryllis in flower drive me annually to purchase these great packages of future delight. Bulbs of any sort offer deferred pleasure to the gardeners, but amaryllis seem so celebratory. Amaryllis flowers open on tall fleshy stems from large buds, and provide rich velvety colour over a long period.